Hindi Film "LAST DEAL" Produced By Mind Creation & Sree jee Cine Service

Producer: Manoj Kumar, Rakesh Yadav & Brajesh K Rajput

Directed By: Rajesh K Rathi

Star Cast: Siddhant Puneet Issar, Amit Pachori, Supurna Malakar, Preeti Chaudhary

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We provide high quality services for film and video productions, music videos and commercials since 2009. The range of services includes location scouting, talents castings, unit management, set construction management to post-production. Upon request we can prepare script breakdowns and cost estimates along with location options proposals for your reference. Location management only is an option as well. Every project, no mater the size and genre is important to us and we will help you all the way.


So what else? It is a unique entity - a team of In-house professionals, qualified and highly experienced in varied fields such as Film-making, Advertising, Event Organizing, Co-ordination etc.


What's more? We agree the Technology today is highly advanced and is an excellent vehicle for ideas. But we believe that the mind is always one step ahead. We believe in people - the power of imagination, creativity. Such people are with us - to solve problems, to carry out assignments. That explains why we have many prestigious Clients. We respect QUALITY and TIME. We respect and enjoy our business.


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